NANO STONE® - Feather Light Stone

NANOSTONE®, the thinnest stone in the world...

Nanostone®, the thinnest stone in the world, Despite its super-thin slate thickness of 50-100 µ, the surface structure is still intact and is astonishing with its unsurpassed visual look and feel. The fleece backer reinforced from water-jet hardened fabric without any chemical binding agents is the actual thickness of the material. It is suitable for post-forming applications like Wall Covering, Interiors, Handbags, Jackets etc. It will conform to a radius as small as 2 millimeters. With its outstanding technical characteristics NanoStone® extends the capabilities of the application and product line to new horizons.

As light as a feather and very flexible. It may be thermo-formed, three-dimensionally formed or wrapped and is suitable for post-forming applications with no problems. The raw stone surface is protected against dust and damage by a silicon emulsion.

Thus NanoStone® was born - extremely thin and flexible.


  • 100 % Natural Stone Surface
  • Thickness 50-100 microns
  • Extremely flexible and can be applied on curved surfaces
  • Available in sizes upto 2400 x 1200 mm
  • Easy Transportaion
  • Easy Handling
  • Easy installation
  • Eco Friendly


There are enough colors, backings to apply to about any idea. The market segment is expansive.

Stone Sizes (in mm)

1200 x 600, 2400 x 1200

Note: Other sizes are available on request